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    OMGoogle it's Proto and Vasstha !

    I tried AoC for about 9 hours and found it lacking in 'soul'.

    Sorry, can't explain beyond that - the game just didn't have 'soul' thus didn't feel right for me.

    Yeah I know, you can't really judge a game from 9 hours worth of play (In fact, you can't truly a judge a game till you've played it for a month IMO), but I just couldn't get the right feel for it. The PvP in particular was fun to start with (griefing FTW) but the lack of any incentive to PvP put me off too.

    On the other hand, 'Moony' was having some fun in ShadowBane up until the release of AoC - playing with Dissent.

    Listening to funny Americans in Vent > playing games IMO.

    Oh and hi Maarv, I have a special place for you.

    Freeze ordered me to drop by !

    Hello, how are you all doing ?

    Is Maarv dead yet ?

    What game are you guys playing; tried Age of Conan ?

    I played both Mourning and Wrath exclusively and very heavily for the last 4 months, and there is no doubt in my mind at all that Wrath > Mourning 110% - especially if you are in Europe (Wrath is active all the time, and Mourning seems to be dead before late night our time).

    Mourning is truly a shitty server with all the lag, dupes, lack of any action during European play times, FC items etc etc


    Originally posted by Oblodra
    usa had the worlds support after 9/11, people even demonstrated against the actions of bin-laden & co in the streets of theran(iran), thats not likly to happen if a new terror-attack occurs.

    tbh, my first thought when i heard of the 9/11 attack was " about fucking time", that was my though precicly, only in norwegian, so it was more like "det var faen meg på tide". And after all the death and destruction usa has caused throughout these last 40 years, they deserved much much more. Its hard to defend the killing of innocent people, but sometimes killing innocents is a neccesity. Besides, if the american people elect presidents that has a policy of exploiting other countries, kill innocents people, help or attack dictators when it suits usa, etc, are they(the voters) then innocent themselves. At least 51% of the people who voted supports the policy the nation is following.

    That is a bit harsh really.
    Shouldn't wish the deaths of innocent people; even if they voted for a moron as their president.

    Michael Moore may be an 'idiot' as you put it, but it doesn't stop what he wrote from being pretty damn accurate.

    Problem is, most Americans are like mindless sheep who blindly follow the rest of the herd and do not know how to think for themselves.
    Therefore, they listen to whatever disinformation is thrown at them by their peers and elders and accept it all as the gospel truth.

    This is why Americans find it so hard to accept that they could be guilty of having made a terrible mistake.

    In my opinion, the world is a far less safe place now than it was before America invaded Iraq.
    So many new potential terrorists have been created as a result of American aggression.


    Originally posted by Khaz
    We have satalite images of him moving them into Sadia Arabia. He had them, just was smart and moved them.

    How did you get access to evidence that even the US Defence department does not have ?

    You sir win a special prize for 'special' people.

    Everytime a civilian is killed due to 'collateral damage', you get one more potential terrorist.
    Everytime an American bomb creates an orphan, you create more potential suicide bombers.

    America's problem with terrorists are almost entirely self-inflicted.
    America interfere's in other countries affairs with an attitude like that of a big bully who knows that no one has the ability to stand up and stop them. Now that the Soviet Union is gone, there really is no one around to provide the 'balance' thus we now have one big superpower that can do whatever the hell it chooses to and no one can do anything to stop it :(

    Let us not forget that America has a habit of creating or supporting dictators throughout the world when it is convenient for them, and then when they are no longer needed (Or start bcoming embarrasing) America suddenly conveniently forgets that they were responsible.
    Examples are plentiful, but some of the most noteworthy include South American dictatorships (Including General Noriega of Panama who was originally a CIA puppet but when he got fedup with his US masters he was actually kidnapped from his own country by an American military invasion and is currently serving sentence in a jail in Miami...).
    Of course Sadam himself is the best example of all this US political hypocracy, supported and supplied by America in the 80s when it suited US affairs.

    Let me finally add that I have no problems at all with the vast majority of everyday US citizens - most are sadly unaware of what truly goes on due to mass brainwashing. My problems lie almost exclusively with US politicans and US foreign policy.

    Your signature.
    The wording implies one animal, but the picture shows two.

    Unless one is howling, and the other is singing a German folk song ?

    Explain please :(


    Originally posted by Vasstha
    I'm quite positive Padi is no sheep.

    Yah he is fine in game - no problems at all.
    Unfortunately, IRL American propoganda brings the worst out of me.
    Having seen and experienced first-hand the American military machine's "shoot first; questions later" mentality.

    Sometimes its better to let in-game and IRL stuff be exclusive from each other.

    Bah, most right wing Americans (i.e. steroetyped brain-dead Republican sheep who bleat along blindly following without thinking) view Europeans as borderline communists/liberals/socialists etc - to be treated with disdain for daring to be non-capitalist or something.

    - Comrad Villa.


    Originally posted by Silvana
    The only thing I know of is that our patrols dont get attacked when they drive around in Afghanistan....but as soon some american vehicles joined them stones flew at the whole patrol.Thats no joke or half knowledge btw,thats actual first hand reports. :) I dont want to attack someone with that,just interesting to know,everyone can make his own mind about it. :)

    There is definately truth in that.
    I was based with the Italian brigade at Talil Airbase outside Nasiriyah for a few weeks at one point, and the insurgents would fire rockets and mortars over our heads in order to hit the American battalians camped 2 miles to our rear at the other end of the base.
    As long as the Americans were based there, we didn't feel threatened by the Iraqis^^

    When i was in Iraq in 2004, we (British Forces) hated the Americans and their disgusting approach to dealing with other human beings.
    For that matter, so did the Danes, the Italians, the Polish, the Ukranians, the Romanians, the Australians, and ummm... pretty much everyone other than the Americans themselves.

    Americans taking potshots at our own guys who were clearly uniformed military personnel did not help matters either - but then again no American military campaign is complete without friendly fire.

    Anyway, goodluck in Iraq.
    I'm sure there must be at least a dozen non-Americans in that country that like you.

    What is Shadow Legion ?
    Is that the new Nation I see which has spread across the map, and under which SC have subbed ?