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    Dang I miss all the hawt shit too. Worst 2 weeks for new server ever

    Well, i was there but had to go tax.
    Its a dirty job but someone has to do pleasure :evil:

    Here's opinion of a litle older Euro guy.
    I think this topic is in fact 2 completly different topics.
    Talking about culture of usa is kinda hard causse you got +50 states with all different laws wich are mainly controlled by the kind of cultural majority in that state,and from what i saw they can be very different.
    The good thing is if you don't like it in a state you can move to another state without leaving the States i guess hehe.
    Racial the states used to have an white majority,then majrity got more and more black and now i think its Hispanic majority,so still lots of changes going on.
    Religious i guess you have strong base there since i think most of you are chritian or in that direction.From European base i think most ppl see it as a litle to extreem religious.That might be based on some specific states or from the talks of the american we see most on TV.
    Lifestyle ..mmm..guess from coutry-side to a city that never sleeps you got it all over there.
    Then the political point of vieuw,capitalism,well i guess for euro's it seems like an democratic system like ours but kinda out of control or rather said in more extreem form,with on major force over it all ,money.Someone used to say'money makes the world go around' (must've been an american).But this is a thing that is seen from different sides in your own country as well i guess,wich makes that there are 2 big political family's.Conservatives and progresives and every time that changes at the top we in europ see another america.
    The progresive go more in our direction of thinking,the conservative in more extreem (captalism) direction.But then again the world is round and in a circle the extreem touch each other.You might not like to hear this but when i see extreem capitalism and comunism sometimes they make me think of each other.Its just less ppl controling who gets the position on top and having profit from it.
    You might have 2 major familys and over there only one but it almost imposible to come inbetween the fight betwenn democrats and republicans in the states and the system favores that.

    Now to the military point of vieuw,the points stated above give already a nice vieuw what direction this is gonna go.First of all i want to say i think military action is never a good solution,when it comes to that you already lost somewhere in the proces(and thats no coment on the States only,its for everyone).From euro point of vieuw i guess lots of euro's sees the military action as an way to protect American financial interests.Shit really start to hapen when the towers went down,the symbols of american capitalism (at least that is to the other side).
    The stupity of it all ,wars over oil control,go kill ppl for one of the product that screwing up the planet?Why not put all that money in renewable energy and(don't think i'm an enviermentlist now) tell em to go to hell with their oil.But then thats against Am. financ. interests as well.Man that is a visious circle,for every enemy that gets killed 2 or 3 in their family gets extreem and you get more enemys.The more oil polutes the envirement the more Huricanes and other natural cataclysms will happen and bring new human and materialist costs with them.Anyway i only think all that cash should better be spend otherwise.

    Last of all this may be to much personal opinion,you ask for opinion from euro ppl well i think you cann't get one causse even here opinions are diferent.IN every courty and even among each other,you'll find prolly 2 or 3 different courants in Euro opinion versus military actions of US.Mainly i'd say an British, a French(both with a coplle of other countrys on their side)and the rest.Now don't get me wrong from all the big power-blocks in the world you're still the one we feel clostest to.Lets see who gets new president and if its who i think it will be,lets hope he stays alive long enough to make a diference.If he does ask the question again and you might have completly different answers.