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    aye, thx for this fight, valk. we had someone, who frapsed and was able to play with this low fps. guess we will send u the vid. but give us time, cuz dunno how long it will take.

    cya soon on battlefield.

    the problem is, we need to be 500 ppl to fight the 200 naked screaming SGs in town, which popup every 15 seconds.

    hrhr, u r right, when u say that we will be fucked for a second, if they bind herself in the npc-towns. (grr, i wished my english would be better or everyone could understand german ^^). i have the problem to join dusk, cuz it feels like "i have no chance to raise a town, so i will join dusk". if we r a part of dusk, i guess, they play her game and we r her countrymen. ok, we could build n peace a bank, a harbour and so on. we could build further a solid fortress, train our skills and becoming more ppl. but if they hear a fart, they will fuck us. i dunno about our plans for the future. in time we make friends with 4 guilds. could be, that we will attack with em sg or something else, dunno. im just a soldier. the leader gives order, im following - real german :roll:


    SD, I just wanted to say thank you for making the game interesting for us right from the start. If everything was handed to us we wouldn't be who we are today. So we are grateful that gamers/people like you can make this game everything it's supposed to be for us. You will never hear us whine or complain. We are here to play and that's exactly what we're doing.

    Thanks again

    adeptus is cool :)

    aye, who cares alligment? we dont wonna go to noobtowns ... if, towers hit us for 2-3 dmg, wow. also if u r blue, ppl will attack u. because being red or blue makes no different. only at the beginning, as u stayed in noobtown.

    well, u forget her "join or die" diplomatic. if we would be a part of the alliance, we r one of 11 without being something special. they say "SD, go there, SD attack this, SD help xy". u wonna stay and say "yes, sir?". further, this role will stay till we decide to leave em. till this moment we would be able to fill our city with nice buildings, right ... buildings, which will be shut down by 200 ppl. u noticed, we had nearly no chance as they fight our bank -.- ... so it sucks to be a slave of the holy SG and her DUSK. if we fight with em against other alliances, i dont wonna be a unknown footnote in her glory roleplay story.if we join dusk, we join SG.

    on wich side will we stay, if ml-alliances or other ones will show up at our holy desert-island? if they siege a city of dusk, shall we charge as a third party and kill everything on side, will we help dusk or the ml-invadors? :love:

    Yomm, diplomatist of dusk wrote:

    we will lose our city-slot to one of the hundred guildless alfar-clans, which is willing to be a part to the dusk-alliance. alliances will dominate the islands and some parts of the mainland. if we wonna be an empire, we need to form our own alliance or join one. otherwise, like kossako wrote, we will be one of the hundreds cityless guilds. further will we have more and more problems to capture a cityslot, cuz most of her owners r in alliances to protect herself. we arnt enough ppl in time to capture one of this city-slots, i guess.

    so we can play like freelancers, which means we make daylie events to raid cities or we try to stay alive with a city. if the last one, i guess we need to make friends till we r strong enough.

    btw, why do u piss em in this fucking public thread - especially yomm? comments like "u don t pwn us, cuz we pwned u befor" or "get rdy to kicked from the island" still suck and just let em smile - i would.