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    I'm lonely, no one wants to play with me. :(

    Ahoy matey! I am offering you the chance to join SD's Naval Force ''Gorbachev's Commie Pirates''

    We have many benefits!

    -Cannons with Fax-Modem
    -Classes in Insult-Swordfighting
    -Wenches (both sexes)
    -Able to sail the non-existant seven seas of Crowfall aboard the legendary Sea Cucumber with the legendary captain Guybrush Threepwood!

    I only ask that you learn this song


    3 hours make it suck?
    That's like the people who played Shadowbane for 45 mins and they said ''THAT GAME BLOWS!!!! ITS FREAKING POINT AND CLICK TO MOVE!!!! LAAAAAME!''

    And despite bugs, NO NEWBIE FRIENDLY and exploits.... it turned out to be a goddamn freaking awesome game.

    This game like Shadowbane didn't started like it was supposed to start.... but it still pretty damn good.

    Anyways, you have your right for not liking it, but you have to YET see the game.
    And graphics... they are damn neat :O

    lol, you attacked the Adeptus hamlet bank, which is owned by a guild with a very tiny non-US presence. You already had it down to 75% from a previous attack. Keep attacking the tiny guild whose members aren't online to fight you. Very macho.

    Oh, and it's hard to kill a lot of your crew when you all hop on your mounts and run the second any real resistance arrives.

    Since I can read the Mercenaries members forums, it'll be fun to see how 'awesome' you guys are together. :D

    Keep zerging!
    Very Macho!

    About running, what kind of idiot would stay in a fight that he CAN'T win?
    I mean I accept we suck, we can't take 5 guys per member sorry =/


    You attacked our Alliance, You can say whatever you want about "this is just a game" we do have our honor. Our Alliance
    does not consist of players, but of friends some even more then this. We do have a close relationship between our Clans.
    And whoever hurts one of us, gets the payback, as we have shown you.

    I repeat.
    You got angry cause we did the MAIN freaking point of the game... PvP.

    Seriously if you really want to roleplay an honorable Warrior that defend the innocent I suggest that you go play Dungeons & Dragons and roll a Paladin with your friends (they are great I got one and he kicks ass) and no I am not being sarcastic here.
    And this guild is made of friends (well some Trial Members are new but its just about time they get along with each other).
    And hey just like you have ''honor'' We can also ''Honor'' our ''Anti-Zerg Policy'' dude.

    You are acting like a Holy Messenger of your guild announcing ''Furious Retribution to SD! Hell will take us!!! Oh noes!''
    I am all for roleplaying and shit, just ask around, hell I even wanted to go Mirdain cause of looks and stuff..
    Ask the leaders.

    But one thing is Roleplaying and another thing is bringing it to reality.

    But seriously just play the game, zerg us if you wish we are going to still have fun and we are going to continue wage war on you.
    And however wins or loses I plan to have fun, I don't give a crap about losing or winning (winning is cool yeah but its a GAME in the end).
    So just chill out and play the game.
    No need for ''JOIN US OR DIE!''

    Whoa I don't know but I think you are taking this way to serious.
    Take it easy dude.
    We rejected the Alliance and you get all pissed, so pretty much we HAD to accept it to keep you happy? lol
    Yeah probably you will wipe our city and all of us, probably you will keep wiping our cities.

    We will still be there!


    Mounts are pretty powerful but they do require skill.
    They are slow but if you manage to score all the hits you are gonna pwn.