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    We rented our own Conan Exiles server - anyone who wants to join is more then welcome . Friend's or Enemy's ... its all good .

    70 Slot Lag free server just search :

    EU/PVP Rainbow Exiles 4xH/XP

    Or direct join via -


    Ok so now we know never to duel you ... a man who dosen't like pie or cake cant be bested in single combat .

    Beliar will get around to the post sometime this decade :love: , and we'll get you on a trial .

    Our trials normaly last until we've played with you ingame , and since were not really playing anything at the moment that could take a while .

    Hey , dont worry about the spelling were mostly too stupid to care . ^^

    I'm afraid since judd Isn't around at the moment I'll need to access your position on the "Norway scale" from 1 (pro gamer) to 10 (bat shit crazy)

    Please answer the following questions :

    1. How's it hanging


    3.Have you ever accidentally locked yourself out of your house?

    4.Do you like pie or cake?

    5.Do you know where Andorra is?

    6.How tall are you.

    7.Do you have any childhood memories that you know cannot have really happened?

    8. Do you like dogs or cats or both?

    9. Have you ever danced with the devil in the pale moon light ?

    10 . Do crocodiles get out of the water to take a piss?

    11 . What's your favorite kind of sausage?

    12. Whats your favorite colour?

    13. Who killed Bambi?

    14. What is the tallest tree you've ever urinated against?

    and a final rhetorical question " What's it all about then eh? "

    Looking forward to your answers

    Societas Deamonica was I dare say one of the major supporters of Darkfall Online and that our players and the players from our few but capable allies went a long way towards shaping what Darkfall unholy war's is going to be . However we stuck with Darkfall for a long time I'm unsure our community wants to spend there hard earned money to see if you finally listened . The proof is in the pudding I guess , We'll leave it in adventurines hands to provide our old darkfall players a free sample .

    Thanks for posting .

    I think its now taken longer to make this Emulator than it did for 3 people to develop the original game from scratch .

    They should ditch the idea and just make SDR and 1 open town to pvp in and be done with it . 1 week of overbuffing open town pvp chars to own the same old newbs is most likley all I could stand anyway .

    That's right we're back !

    There's been something in the air for a while with the impending release of both Guild wars 2 and Planetside 2 , the unmistakable aroma of cheese can mean only one thing ....

    Those horrible Euros are coming to take your stuff again .

    We're inviting any of our old friends from previous games to come join the fun with us , there will also be a limited recruitment opening soon for a few lucky new recruits .