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    I asked about it first in pm :P
    I'm not paying anything and at least someone is getting bonus ;)

    yeah kossako had this nice idea
    and its true u pay allways the same but if u use the promotion link
    u can help a clanmate who allready is part of the comiunity promotion programm

    i can see darkwish now starting to get half istambul buy the game with his promotion link

    tell em its a jihad against the greek u will sure get some followers ;)

    greek is still the only country where the game is sold in a boxed version afaik

    so there far more greeks in game than statistical of the rest of europe

    Good to hear from ya, Helios...and nice to see that you've hooked up with the Danes and Azo again. How's things on EU, besides your recent changes in clan membership?

    a bit to silent
    sun and calfadar is like the most save spot on world
    thats borring hehe

    and i also finished my magic everything 100 and most spells surging

    and xmas days also make it a bit more silent

    the truth is i reactivated my warhammer account to have instant fun and leave my df account skilling up str/vit by gather wood stone

    str/vit is like the only thing i need to grind

    so i just play sieges and sea fortress raids active atm the rest is afk gathering with alt+tab every 15 min to switch node

    i hope another patch give magic grind ´freaks like me new things to do

    some people allwass complained about the grind

    i complain that i finished the grind hehe

    your magister would not force u to learn faster than the time allow u

    as long as u see a magic role as the way to go u fit into the magic circle

    but keep in mind that hyperion is a other kind of alliance than GY

    1/2 the charakterskill 1/10 battle experience but 2x visions about the future of agon

    its easy to destroy but so hard to build up and protect

    just contact me in game and we will find out whats the best way

    u left positiv memories and i think u would fit perfect in the clan idea

    I could be wrong on this but I believe it's because most of this alliance is moving to NA-1 when transfers come to be.

    thats it

    vamp+zzzzzz gone at transfer
    so its just a skill up and have fun gang
    without care for server or longtime goal
    thats not what i want from game

    from my first days here in hyperion i can say
    charakter development here is like 3 month behind
    but social behavior is much more developed
    (compared to GY not to SD and like allways its only 5% idots that made GY look that bad the rest of guys are really cool)

    What makes you think we want to join your own personal guild after what you have done? :confused:
    Btw im eu , what we would have wanted is to count us in your group instead of kicking us cold blooded.

    i did nothing to u......

    and i have no problem with tempest in general
    only curator earned his ignore for sure

    at 50 jump u can buy acrobatics
    that was the main reason i skilled jump
    acrobatics reduce falling damage

    a afraid of everything girl like me run a away a lot
    special when low on health
    acrobatic allready saved my life at a escape jump a few times
    its the difference between survive with 5 health
    or take the bloodgate home.....

    iDF is a game u like or dislike in a few hours

    so if u dislike it first few hours and have all that bad reviews from people in mind who also stoped play game after 2 hours and write 10000 words why df is shit u better dont waste our time with wtrite another 10000 words "why df is shit" posting

    df didnt want u anyway 8)

    people who play df for longer time have only 2 arguments left that need to be fixed more people outside towns less grind

    all other points u wrote that are bad in DF are not true u just didnt learn how game mechanic game guy game gfx settings and so working and now blame the game for not have an gui or nice gfx (only complain allowed here is that its not intuitiv noobfriendly but features are not non-existent just because u didnt find em)

    i suggest remove that posting from here maybe interested guys in DF can be scared away by a shit 3 hours impression

    why would already established us clans bother to move server? theyd have to rebuild entire city for the sake of 70 less ms, which isnt that much of a disadvantage since most of the time they will be fighting US clans anyway.

    without a WOO system that fits to the timezone
    every server will be international :(

    and the 03:00 in morning sieges will just disturb our lives.....

    at that game status im a full friend of that no own city idea