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    Hehe okay not sure what am gona answear one some off this :confused: do my best not really that funny i think

    Please answer the following questions :

    1. How's it hanging

    right now its hanging abit to right i think (feels like it)


    How the hell knows right?

    3.Have you ever accidentally locked yourself out of your house?

    Never atleast cant remember it then.

    4.Do you like pie or cake?

    5.Do you know where Andorra is?

    no clue

    6.How tall are you.


    7.Do you have any childhood memories that you know cannot have really happened?
    Flying as supermann in superman costume off the roof off my parents house

    8. Do you like dogs or cats or both?


    9. Have you ever danced with the devil in the pale moon light ?

    Am pretty sure i have dance with the devil alot evil people out there how knows.

    10 . Do crocodiles get out of the water to take a piss?

    nope whatcing animal planet alot before :P

    11 . What's your favorite kind of sausage?

    not sure what sausage. You mean to the food? then its bearnaise.

    12. Whats your favorite colour?

    13. Who killed Bambi?
    Pretty sure it was a wolf not sure tough hehe lets say is sleeping :D

    14. What is the tallest tree you've ever urinated against?

    since i was prob drunk i really dident think about count. but we are talking about big trees hehe.

    and a final rhetorical question " What's it all about then eh? "

    Let me see who knows? really. guess its all about those 24 hours everyday wake up shower, eat work and eat whatch movie or play games then do the same fuckings shit all over again X( X( X(

    Cheers hope you all get a smile reading this bullshit from me.

    So when i reg one crowfall i did make my account i just put into my guild its norwegian guild only. but found out that the are not going to play. The No guts no glory is just my favorite quote.

    Edit its gone now. And if i join this i will add this guild my profil ofc. Cheers.

    hi nordman
    what was your guild in sb and what server did you ply

    Speak abit norwegian? hehe. i remember i was in small guild never got into one off those big ones that owned. but remember
    alot pvp fun. played Dark age camelot more. was in Valhalla there. Dragan Mordna.

    Edit. dont remember server. sorry.

    Hello everyone Richard here from norway 32 years old. soon 33 omg :P First off i have dyslexia so sorry for my bad english. understand when people talk witout any big problems.

    So been playing Shadowbane and Dark age of camelot. Hade to stop with Shadowbane after a year real life stuff happend.

    i really want to be in community with a friendly bunch off people that helps each other out. and geting som new friends.
    and i have blast playing and killing your enemies :D

    So kinda been waiting for this game for like 10 years just dident know before now hehe:D

    allrady backed the game for 175 dollars..

    Best regards Richard Ervik