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    Looked through the webpage a bit, specially the about section. Everything sounds nice, just the graphics bother me a bit.. is there any chance of them ever becoming.. better? Perhaps not call of duty quality, but better than Zelda-style.
    Even if the game is the best PvP thing ever, I am just not too sure about those graphics (not just on Das Tal, I feel the same about the lately amount of games with such graphics)
    Other than that, awesome thing what you are forging, really :D
    Which other chars did you have, bro? Don't remember you to be honest, but I suppose we played together, Zonack is on that screenshot under Fulvio, hee hee.

    hehe, Freeze, I know it is not cheap. But for trade shows, it is insane. I think the one we go to in Düsseldorf is the bussiest they have, being Düsseldrof a Messe-City, should be a lot. This year we paid 260 / night for an O.K. hotel (3 stars). We paid one year in advance, otherwise the prices go even higher as the date approaches. But as said, it is the biggest fair they have in Düsseldorf. This coming fair in München should not be so big, but still, that is why I was wondering.

    I know hrs, I will look there and see if I can find something nice, thx for the tip.

    ROHANA YOU NOOB, SORRY, hrhr. Perhaps it was just easier to do small raids and not trying to do one massive one, gg.

    EDIT: I do not know for you south Germany 1st worlders, but for me, 260 / night is A FUCKING LOT :P The hotel was in a nice area (beautiful-wise) but far away from the trade show.

    Dude, I heard from Beli just some weeks ago that you are from Kassel. I was there like 3 times, GG. DIdnt know you were from there! Beautiful city, liked it a lot. I will be here now only until the 26. On Wed I go to Denmark and will meet up with Voice, Vyk, Odd, etc and Kaylan is coming up too and probably TEH ELDRITCH, but this last one if still TBC.

    We come back on Monday night, tuesday night I need to prepare some things for work, wednesday I go to my old exwork place to give a "thank you for your support niggas" meal and then 2 days in Leipzig probably at my gfs parents. Flying back Saturday morning.

    You niggas were all too slow! But well, you cannot get rid of the immigrants, do not worry. I will come back next year, for sure in September. There is a fair again, this time in München (one week work + 1-2 weeks personal if I want).

    We could finally arrange something then..

    BY THE WAY, WHO LIVED IN MUNCHEN? I need to find a cheap way to rent a flat or something for a week, hook me up pks :P Like by every fair, they raise the prices of the hotels stupidly! gg

    So, what is the story with Endloses anyway? I mean, I know he is here. I remember back days seeing him like the "superduper traitor who fucked the guild". How did SD start, what did he exactly do, did you guys know each other irl, or have never met, or some do, or what?
    Should I stfu about this subject? hrhr

    lol woah. Douche? I mean, the only guy who I could call that is actually in our forums, which is the legend who stole "the fortune" of "Dark Federation", betraying everyone. And well, perhaps he has something to say on his defense, since I was only told about this story, I was not there :)

    But everyone else was just a guy just sitting at some point of the world PvPing with us, geez :D

    wtf, FoxyRoxy is a legend!

    hehe yea from the old Damnation evil crew, all the way from the glory days to the end, then the next servers :D

    Nein, supposedly it will not be time consuming, supposedly. But if it is, that is why Faxion is so appealing to me. Since the very beginning and the early days of StrayBulletGames they said they wanted to appeal to the non-hardcore gamer.

    hahah, shhhh...

    Flight: LH210
    operated by: LUFTHANSA
    to: DRESDEN DE
    Departure: 03. December, 16:30 h
    Arrival: 03. December, 17:30 h
    Class: Economy Class (W)
    Booking status: confirmed
    Free baggage allowance: 1PC
    Not valid before: 03DEC
    Not valid after: 03DEC
    Fare basis: WL5RCMX


    To be honest, I went a bit ragemode and called him a nazi in one of those political threads that we all know who vs who it is. No need to go back to that :P We know our differences.

    Ima quote Padi (Beli asked him to tell him to consider to come back) on the leader forums and this is the only thing Ima quote (the rest is drama, I know, the good stuff :P)

    "got a reply back and I don't know if he is gone for good or not, and I did mention the game factor heavily. I think he is more disappointed at the immediate frontal assault from folks supposed to "guildies" that would not even consider an alternate point of view and presumed that anyone who disagreed with their position was pathetic."

    so that front assault is obviously what I put up there. I'm not really proud of it, to be honest. Because we really got along well in game. So then there's a political difference and I call him a nazi. I fucked up in a way, obviously our ideas are different, but we had a bond in a way. We really had nice times in game and on the forums :/

    He's not coming back, some of the IC tried to get him back, of course no one told him "don't come back bitch". He decided to just leave for good as you can see on Padi's post. Padi asked a second time too.

    I think I kept this neutral :P Really, not trying to start shit on here.