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    lol, you attacked the Adeptus hamlet bank, which is owned by a guild with a very tiny non-US presence. You already had it down to 75% from a previous attack. Keep attacking the tiny guild whose members aren't online to fight you. Very macho.

    Oh, and it's hard to kill a lot of your crew when you all hop on your mounts and run the second any real resistance arrives.

    Since I can read the Mercenaries members forums, it'll be fun to see how 'awesome' you guys are together. :D

    Zergling quote of the week right there GG .

    Im sorry zergling assigned number 187410984 but what we do is none of your buisness thanks for the concern though .

    Hehe, I guess you'll be assigned a zergling number in your new alliance, too? Or maybe Mercenaries will just use you as footrests, lol. :D