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    hehe, here I am; at the most popular beach in argentina atm, with the hottest girls all around me(the hotness-bar: argentina1, norway&sweden2 brazil3 in the world)), but...anyways,,,i cant wait to get back home to play df and crush some noobies :D seems like yall are having so much fun, sd sd style

    I'd take hot chicks and a decent beach over being in a hospital with sick people anyday ^^

    Question is would you rather be on a hot beach with fit womenz, or be in Agon killings nubs? hehe - I'm on the fence.

    Lol you should have seen the Alfar noob area last night ^^ made 500g off of WoW ninja looters and guys going grey from nerdrages.

    Btw: I've just applied to SD, but as to the mass Alfar Alliance - the idea sux balls - someone had a point earlier on about thier being a lack of anyone worthy to fight short of running for 30+ minutes. Anyway Alfar by nature are meant to be somewhat divided, they are crazed chaotic elfs after all.