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    Hey m8, atm most of the SD guys play on the NA server with VAMP, so SD don't have a presence on the EU server. Possibly if things change (and if the devs are to be believed then they might just change for the better!) then SD might return on EU, but thats a big MIGHT!

    Let us know how STO is, what i've seen doesn't look that great tbh.

    I never really left DF in spirit :D

    Just got a bit jaded when they made it easy to get everything magical, and no love for Melee/Archery, some of what i've heard and seen so far makes me feel they are at very least on the right track, i'd have made the penalties for magic use way higher than the current melee/archery specialist penalty on use, as it stands i'm guessing with the right combination of gear a chunk of luck you could still use everything magical in high resistance mode, but thats just me thinking aloud without knowing so reserve judgement on that :D

    Would like someone with high Fire Magic to start burning me when i get on some decent gear and the resists etc, think i read magic was doing like 16 dmg instead of 60+ per hit, if thats the case then really DF has come on a huge leap :D

    And it looks like i might have to give up my beloved PA for something that actually can do damage faster than a stoned snail!

    There's a huge difference between knowing and respecting the people you play with and kissing ass, i know my backs covered even when the heat burns, i ask again....what have you got? Zergling....

    Let them underestimate us, it only brings their downfall.

    One thing i have from my short time here with SD is that i am glad i came here and not somewhere else, for you Blade these guys have the attitude and the spirit i was looking for, i know i made the right choice...what have you got?