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    Bought it I been playing for couple of days. Game is improved (last time I played in closed beta). My god, they raised skill gains a lot. I don't macro and won't be doing it but now I feel I can get my toon developed even when playing more casual. Feeling kinda nooby and been ganked by some high levels but I'm OK with that (EVE online player :P)

    See you in game,
    Kossako XiX

    Everything I read so far about STO is rather bad. Totally instanced and themepark game. Even space is bunch of instances.

    Tried EVE lately but I couldn't play more than 2 days. I think I played it too much :P

    Anyway I'm totally bored but still have a lot of work. After that I might try DF. MO stress test is close but this game will also fail. Expect increased sub numbers in DF soon :P

    Depends on the new server.
    If its a server that will be moved to NA as soon as NA servers are possible it would destroy most alliances... I don't know of a really big European alliance.

    That's true. Dusk is mainly US and most of them will move. Goons already stated they will move.

    Also other option is to have only one city shared with someone. Many clans binded in one city and nearby chaos stones and defending it together. You can use bank and every other facilities so I see no problem with it. Of course there is problem with who will be keeping it... (I'm sure most clans don't want to screw each other because it never bring more good than bad things in the end). The best city for that is Vindicators one... (close to everything , including elf lands) Hell, we could even ask MurderHerd for help - I'm sure they will help. Siege, claim and make a bunker there :P

    Another problem will be sieging. There are rumours that clan stone hp is greater with greater number of buildings in city. That means you will need a siege vehicles to conquer cities but only cities can build them. In month or so hit & run tactic will be even less efficient. Also keep in mind that not only we are waiting for all members to get into game.

    There is interesting thread on DF boards about current politics situation. It looks like in all parts of map alliances are dominating. It's only matter of time when server will be divided between couple major ones and rest will be forced to obey them or live in NPC cities. - like in every other territory control game.

    So... peace treaty with DUSK until we get that strong US ally ?
    Dunno if it's even possible.

    They want to get rid of us as fast as possible. But most likely they are also afraid that we have nothing to loose. We are not building up city and we already said we are staying no matter what. They know that they won't have whole island as safe zone and that we are euro guild able to attack them during our prime time. We could make non siege agreement but this is only matter of time when they will attack us (or we will backsab them:P). Also keep in mind that not all their members are in game.

    Also if they have around 50% of members ingame as we have right now then their numbers will double as ours. It's only +50 on our side and +200 on their side...


    Also who said we need a city right now? City is needed for banking, safer crafting, building ships and siege machines. We can live in some other clan city, use their stuff bind to nearby chaos stone and in favour defend them from zerg alliances.

    Finishing project for work and will be online as soon as I get game. Can't wait also ;p

    Anyway Yomm, I suggest you should shorten leashes for some of your alliance members (ex. blade) because after their posts you look even more silly than from fact you are attacking us with 10x more people and stating after one battle you are awesome.

    Like I said in the other thread too, zergs are about numbers and not about organisation. The CNs where well organised as well in SB, but had sucky playing skill and just won through numbers, but these numbers where good organised when they had to. (especially in terms of equipping lvling etc).

    I mean, if you go to the origin of the word, the Zerg were most likely the best organised faction in the whole game, no single order got refused and everyone did what he had to.

    So if you are in group with 4 other people and you see one guy wondering around then you will send only one person? I hope you do, otherwise you are just zerging him (winning by numbers).

    I'm agreeing with Swifty. We should join DUSK, build up city defences, skill AoE spells and if we are ready show them a middle finger. Played in beta and same thing happened on Yssam. We pissed a lot of people, they come, we died and practically lost city. If game mechanics in current state promote zerging and we want city then we should adept or we will die.

    Also after they finally get rid of us from that subcontinent then they will be gaining skills,spells and wealth a lot faster than we fighting in a lot harsher mainland without anyone friendly around. Disproportions with time would be just getting bigger and bigger. Also expect chaos stone camping by some large bored guild so you can't do shit except log off and get some drink.

    Game mechanics are broken (sieging, respawning, bindstone camping) atm. We should wait till it get fixed and then try to build empire on our own.

    To add to what celestian said:

    I really don't like calling anyone else zerg. Sure, there are plenty of them and all declared war on us but just because we don't have friends doesn't mean they are zergs. Zergs are large disorganized band of people. I don't see them as disorganized because they are ahead of us in crafting, city building and politics (this is not PvP only game). Also keep in mind that even 100 newbs can be lead by couple who know what to do. In EVE best alliances have 1500 - 3000 people and no onoe calling them zergs. You just look at politic map and you see who is the winner. This is sandbox game, not WoW PvP arenas.

    SD will be well over 100 people when everyone gets in and we will be called zerg by majority of other clans (majority of clans will be 20-50 people). When you have 10 people in gang and you see 2 enemies wondering around you WILL attack them with 10 people. Same is happening to us right now.

    The main problem I see as for now is when we loose that city (and yes, we will loose it) we only strength their morale and show a lot smaller guilds that they have no other choice than join them or die. Finding allies then will be even bigger problem than now.

    Overall someone must decide if we want to be empire building clan or should we just be another city less clan wandering around.

    hehe, we never claimed being pro, specially not me. I'm more like anti-badass attitude guy. Who cares. And that's what I meant, WHO CARES. That guy who made the thread went all psycho about an alliance. I don't know what's the status on that, nor if it will happen (which I doubt) or what. It's just that it's obvious what our stand was if we attacked them.

    Sorry for trying to PvP on an open PvP game, I guess :frown:

    PvP, play, click the left mouse button.. that's all I said, nowhere I claimed we were pros, gg.

    wooowooo is a guy that got rejected for overal bad attitude in his application. He probably got pissed cause he changed name from blade and edited his posts so noone can see what he wrote :irre:

    You don't kill anyone you get ganked hardly, thx for the armors and weapons yummy!
    Thats the way it goes when people are being stupid and call themself pr0's while they aren't

    Damn I'm glad that I refused to join this noobclan haha :D

    You were refused to join. That's a slight difference. Now I see that was a good decision.

    I suggest you go back to your 'pr0' guild forum and leave this 'noobclan' forum alone.


    I'm not ready to give out too much information on the Alliance as of yet. I'm still waiting to talk to someone who can speak for your group and let me know their intentions.

    I know sturmgrenadier, the vindicators and claws (or clawz) and some other 2 guild are already in. Can't find original post since clan beta forums been deleted :/. But if you could posted it there you can also post it here :love: