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    Rycon, the fact of the matter is. SD is no longer in Darkfall so there isnt a clan to be in. You probably would have been a FM had we played longer but the fact is there is no clan to be a FM in! You shouldnt be so upset about a few items from the CV. The warhulk was stolen, a lot of the rare ores were used for cannons, the repair shards were mostly handed out to other clans to repair places like Mehatil, Aradoth etc.

    see ya around.

    JANNIFAIL, shame you didnt like.

    I personally like the graphics, to me looks a lot better than any other MMO i played which tend to look cartoony.

    Have fun in MO.

    why would already established us clans bother to move server? theyd have to rebuild entire city for the sake of 70 less ms, which isnt that much of a disadvantage since most of the time they will be fighting US clans anyway.

    lol, you attacked the Adeptus hamlet bank, which is owned by a guild with a very tiny non-US presence. You already had it down to 75% from a previous attack. Keep attacking the tiny guild whose members aren't online to fight you. Very macho.

    Oh, and it's hard to kill a lot of your crew when you all hop on your mounts and run the second any real resistance arrives.

    Since I can read the Mercenaries members forums, it'll be fun to see how 'awesome' you guys are together. :D

    I find it amazing how you can so easily contradict yourself both with your words and and your actions. You have stated that you created an alliance so that you could unite alfars, protecting each others cities and crusade against the "lesser" races. You then decide to zerg war-declare on our clan after some meaningless skirmishes with almost solely one of you guilds (OTG), take a 60 man party to destroy our bank in our down-time.

    Then you complain when we attack one of your member towns often outnumbered ourselves (especially when you consider the fact we have to have the majority of our party whacking your bank). Nice defending your allies, i am sure they are happy with the 400 man alliances' effort in helping them out. Oh wait, they wont be.

    And so it starts.......

    Blade, once again, we have told you before, that we are sure you are a good pvp'er in 1v1 etc etc and you are a really hardcore gamer but your attitude as displayed in this thread is shocking.

    Let it go, why do you feel the need to come back in here and slate everyone?

    In my opinion the trouble with that little raid there, although very good for the first part, was poor in others because people simply did not do as was commanded. I know this is difficult sometimes but for instance in teh BAD city it took some guys 3, yes 3 more minutes than me to do a 40 second run and mount up when it was asked by the ICs. We gotta be on top of that really.....

    Also just a personal opinion sometimes we gotta understand when it is right to run, trying to fight the mercs then was hopeless, i stayed as long as my mount was above 40% getting two to flee but still i would not have been able to finish them off without running through their zerg on a mount, which is hopeless. If we are engaging in that sort of numbers we need to be dismounted.. It doesnt hurt to run sometimes i believe.

    Other than those two things it was really good. :) and im looking forward to these wars