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    all of us now consider you an insignificant annoynace that has to be dealt with

    Roflmao i guess you should talk with your members how insignificant we are to them in the racial cities atm :) they are being slaughtered on most of them all day long 1 of our members has like 50 or more kills alone. Get your alliance ready for a big and long fight cause we will never go away :)

    I think Shimmergloom,House Shivering and Bad boys for life hasnt declared war on us yet so expect to see 3 more clans join in on the fun soon :P

    Edit:12 clans vs 1 i soo hope that somehow we manage to hold our ground and wtfpwn them at game and forums :P

    thats why we gota raise a weaponsmith to 75 and fuck their buildings up 1 by 1 so that they get tired of it and stop messing with us :P

    I know sturmgrenadier, the vindicators and claws (or clawz) and some other 2 guild are already in. Can't find original post since clan beta forums been deleted :/. But if you could posted it there you can also post it here :love:

    CLAW seems to be a 1 man clan according to Clans page :P

    You and any1 else who wants to join up should make an application. I think it would be resolved farily quick due to launch date :)

    Well pretty much nothing is tested yet according to leakers everyone is still noob only 1 clan is established meaning theres no clan vs clan testing happened so far. Very possibly theres no naval fights in game atm since noone would have the money etc for it (they need to capture a clan than build a port etc) and the man power ofc since the cannons are sued by players. They talk about stress test but probably there has been no big clanwarfare yet to actually see how the system works wether it is balanced or yet wether the server can handle it or not specially simultenious(spelled wrong probably :P ) like a 100 vs 100 clanwar at alfar grounds and a 300 vs 150 clan fight at mirdain and a 60 vs 60 at dwarf place etc i think you understand what im saying that the testing right now isnt worth shit untill they actually test all these which i hope will happen soon

    we have a topic on it in internal forums. I'm pretty sad right now since if it released at 22th i had 26 days of holiday for it but now i will have school which will limit my playtime :(