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    Tbh DUSK sux why cant they accept pvping with each other as skirmish and fighting together against other races now that could be something we could seariously consider. I would love to fight the most talked about clans in official forums and checkout what they are all about.Its sure that we would learn a lot with fighting them and this situation at hand seems to me like wer gona be fighting DUSK for a long time and not any other clan which might get boring fighting the same dudes for too long that is :P

    something like we dont destroy their buildings
    they dont destroy our buildings

    Do you honestly believe after all the shit thats happened they will leave our city be once we get it up and running? All they need to take a city is get 2-3k battlespikes or some siege weapons(not hammers) and 1 night of full or nearly full activity of their alliance and BAM our city is gone and they have a new asset in their hands.

    tbh it was obvious that clans would need couple of clans as their allies to survive in DF with a city and become factor in politics of the world but joining a zerg would suck imo at least right now maybe in the future when the world becomes so fucked up that there are only major zergs left to fight :P I can play without a city and do normal skirmishes and raids to cities and such but after some months maybe a year it would get pretty boring imo tough i duno one thing is for sure tough i would definetely like to experience siege battles defensive/offensive wise sometime but doesnt matter if its today or some months/years whatever later i guess.

    If someone is in fear of going red they should rethink their membership imo wtf you did know that our gamestyle is RPK(random player killer) and we had a blue dot policy :love:

    These guys are so evil that they joined to a zerg lol

    Erm werent you supposed to have a carebear ehm safe island at Rubaiyat and protect the clans in your Alliance? Seems like you guys cant even defend ur own members in your alliance against 10 of us yet you think you can take on Hyperion or SA lol get real...

    We would gladly join your alliance if the terms were fight with us against other races and anything else its random pk as usual. I for one cba to travel couple hours everyday to fight some clans i rather fight who is closer to me for skirmishes and such and go fight the big boys on their lands etc. ... This is my opinion tough i would think most SD would be up for this kind of an agreement.

    Unless we make some sort of an agreement for it i will be helping the other races slay the shit out of DUSK ...

    Edit:I dont think we have the money to hire any merc clans :(

    They can make Rubaiyat peacefull with each other as clan city wise since only we are left and merceneries which they can get rid of easily with 1-2 zerg raids once the hammers are fixed :) But unless some other weird agreement is made i will be harassing them in every raid other clans make to them and will attack their cities with hamemrs and shit everytime they are away on a siege...

    He still thinks that with taking our city hes gona kick us out of rubaiyat lol i guess some people has to learn by experiencing :) We will stay here and mess with you everyday untill we want to move on which i dont see happening anytime soon :) On a side note thank your members from Bad Boys For Life for their awesome armor/mounts/pots and reagents :)

    Goons want in on DUSK :S

    from some SG dude.

    I'm glad we will have a warm-up on ruby before the main event :love:

    Even if you manage to take down our city do you really believe we will leave you guys alone? We are in this game for good you will be seeing and being killed and messed up by us a lot more in the future trust me...