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    we spent 4 hours yesterday evening to find very few players in the Mirdain land, mainly Overlords ^^ Useless, especially when peeps cheat.

    /mode tired ON ++++

    May we or may we not join an alliance, the very bad point concerning DFO today is that you very rarely have a good skirmish pvp. Most of the time, peeps flee on their mount :( SO, it seems it will sooner or later end in large-scale battles and this might be fun, but it is definitely too restricting to me :(

    I hope no one here dreams of still having the town UP next week if we consider going on an Non-Aggression Pact ?? Guys, wake up, we are an annoyance to them : as soon as their city is set, they will destroy our clanstone for sure.

    So, the only way to keep our city is to find 20 more members or allies and raid them every day/night, farm their farmer and destroy NOW the buildings they built. My bet is that it will soon be too late, because of thir number.

    Anyway, every other option will make us loose our Stone sooner or later (except maybe bending and taking a deep breath ;) )