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    Hail mighty Eld!

    Post cent specs :p

    Wondering if keyclone works with that SB Emu Client :D

    The only problem with this is the fact that you fall out of form once you are player or unless they've removed that option in the Emu you're not going to be able to run around with a FG all linked together like one or two players/guilds used to do.

    I think probably the best "feel" you can get for the game would be to talk with those who left and have come back.

    Fletch, Zonack and Padishah have all left for one reason or another and returned to face "the beast" once more.

    I'd say give 'em a couple of weeks to get a feel for their characters again and then drop 'em a PM.

    My apologies to you three if I'm over-stepping my boundaries here but you three might actually be better suited to providing reviews on Darkfall than, say Maarv and myself as we obviously enjoy the game and are probably biased in our thoughts and comments.

    Indeed, even though my play time throughout the summer was severely limited due to my job, the few opportunities that I had to PvP with you folks were definitely worth the sub.

    GL to those of you staying on EU!!

    Remember, kill 'em all but six and save those for pallbearers!!

    Fautsin (my wife) has been following that very closely. Her latest e-mail from them says they are on Stage 3 of 5 so it's probably a while yet but definitely getting closer.

    I'll keep you guys updated here as she gets more info.

    I can understand where the Tempest guys are coming from. It was quick and abrupt there is no doubt about that.

    Rycon, you certainly seem to be of the impression that you were automatically SD. I suggest you turn some of your ire towards your former leadership because it was made very clear to them that Tempest members were Trial Members first and would need to meet the same standards that every other SD full member has.

    I would also tend to think that part of the reason for the demise of Tempest was a lack of communication as seen here. That is not meant to be a shot at anyone but there were other issues that you may or may not be aware of that were caused by that very thing (no communication.)

    Anyway, my guess is that even these words will not lessen your distaste for SD and to that I say "So be it...fair well and good luck."

    You didn't do anything wrong, Syryel. What you have missed is SD retiring from Darkfall.

    Beliar has removed all trial members from these boards and we're back to square one in regards to trying to find a game for SD to get behind. Harsh perhaps but that's unfortunately the way it is at the moment.

    Maarv has been talking with the alliance about finding a spot for everyone who wishes to stay in DF and with GY so perhaps you should contact one of the SG's from another guild if you wish to stay with GY.

    Good luck, Syryel, and here's hoping we meet again.

    EDIT: Looks like I was pwned by the quick fingers of Beli once again. :)

    You just don't take the time to comprehend, do you Kyle?

    While you can get spell books they WILL NOT take you to the uber levels that those who play the game will play.

    If this is going to be your outlook on DF, regardless of how much they try to improve the game then I have only one thing to say to you...

    /ignore [GD]Kyle

    Good day to you, sir.

    i forgot that we are in the "english" part of the forum :mad:

    i just asked him out but he turned me down with some bad excuse ;(

    sure: falls du mal wieder in wien bist und lust hast einen zu trinken sag bescheid - bratislava ist ganz schön öde :mad: we're in the English part of the forums and you go right back to German? :D You guys are killin' me!!

    ...or is that actually your master plan?!

    The plot thickens :confused: