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    Do you honestly believe after all the shit thats happened they will leave our city be once we get it up and running? All they need to take a city is get 2-3k battlespikes or some siege weapons(not hammers) and 1 night of full or nearly full activity of their alliance and BAM our city is gone and they have a new asset in their hands.

    Yes... but we are precisely an European Guild. And we aren't bad at killing people.

    Their entire alliance would benefits more by having us do the nightguards than crushing us. And this is a point we'll have to press if we want to make sure they stays neutral/friendly.

    Plus i'm sure some of them are goody good players. Not sure if all of them would turn their back on us and backstab. It could weaken the bonds of smallers guilds in an alliance that isn't that strong to begin with.

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    I am terribly sorry sir, but it would seems you are highly delusional.
    The only things you showed us are the numbers you can mobilise from the alliance, and the inability they have to simply hunt us down.
    Today again we were attacked by a group of full banded armored Bad Boys For Life, with hundreds reagents, mount and large potions.
    In a even number fight, they killed a few naked guys, and lost everything.

    I can only encourage you to continue on this matter. I do love looting your stuff.

    The only difference is their little pride.

    They try to build the biggest alliance because they are afraid to PvP. Afraid to fight on even terms. They hide behind numbers so no-one will dare to attack them.
    This is what i think when i hear about dusk.

    Yomm, if i read carefuly the entire thread (and i think i did) no one has ever been really rude, or immature toward you. You are just taking things too seriously while your members are making fools of themselves. And we laugh at fools.

    You are a zerg, an organised one that make it even worse, but still a zerg.

    On a personal note, i do not understand what you are trying to achieve here. Do you really enjoy running that much for 30min before you can find a single guy that isn't an ally? What is the point of even having a city if all your guys will just bind somewhere else since they won't have anything to do beside farming?

    Just because we aren't friend to anyone doesn't necessary mean we are an annoyance. I remember that many adversary considered us worthy opponent. We bring the fun and the PvP. If bringing fun PvP in small groups is an "annoyance" on a PvP game, then maybe you are the one who shouldn't be here.