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    We've been waiting for many years, a month more or less won't change anything.
    I personally prefer a finished game over a rushed one.

    Hi, welcome to our forums.

    I'm kinda busy so I'll keep it short:

    "Can you give me information about youre guild?"
    I just noticed that our about section is bugged, I'll fix it later today... thats the information it would give:

    "2. Are you an german or europe guild, and if youre german you speak only english because youre for all in europe?"
    "3. What language do you speak in Ventrillo?"
    We're European, and speak English on forums and in vent

    "4. Whats about the Lost Souls?"
    Its an old German community that created SD - we're using the same board, but all SD forums are English.

    We decided to play Alfar during the Darkfall beta. This is not a decision for the release, we might change the race during the beta or for the release.

    Greetings and good luck in your trial period to our new members Calibar, Darkwish and Eclipso.
    Also, some old members found the way back to SD - welcome back Altharion, Spliff and Qiu.

    We won't know what we'll roll before we tested the factions, but Alfar or Orks Mahirim is likely.
    Anyway, don't apply if you put the race over the guild... thats not the attitude we need in SD.