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    We're Alfar only atm, its just easier when we all start in the area and can bind at the same towns.

    Hey Bhumi! Long time no see.

    If you want to play DF with us you're more than welcome. There is no trial for DF atm, and getting an DF account is kinda hard anyway, but I guess that will be fixed soon.
    I gave you access to our forums so you can learn a little about SD and the game if you want.

    And you should German again imo~

    Depends on the new server.
    If its a server that will be moved to NA as soon as NA servers are possible it would destroy most alliances... I don't know of a really big European alliance.


    So if 20 people lost their banded mails - those 20 could easily farm the ore needed to replace them within an hour. If 20 people loose their banded mails now - those 20 can farm enough to replace maybe 3 banded mails within the hour.

    And how does having a city built change that? The only thing that helps there is not doing PvP anymore.

    tbh, allies won't help us to build our town with the current siege system. We'd need NA allies that are highly active and close to us to defend our town and the only ones that are qualified for that are DUSK.
    So the only way to get that done atm would be finding a decent NA ally and acquiring a town close to him.

    I talked quite a lot with the Mercenaries leader, but damn, he is such a fucking retard. I have never seen a single person crying and complaining so much about nothing. I'm getting hundreds of tells when anyone of us even gets close to their town. It would really hurt me to ally with them.
    We made a non asset destruction agreement with them for now, so they probably won't show up against us on DUSK banes.
    But I doubt that any agreement with them is worth much.

    We agreed with WMD not to attack each others around that NPC town, but they broke it several times attacking our farmers... I don't see how it can work out with them.
    I have no idea about Exile, do they belong to Mercenaries?

    its not about what the devs want, its what the players want
    and the more people lose their stuff in the middle of the night the more crying will go on
    if they don't change it the servers will be empty soon

    Zerg has nothing to do with organization or with the other guild not having any friends. Zerg is winning buy numbers, and thats what they do
    Forming up a huge alliance and zerging guilds the size of 1/20 of that alliance has nothing to do with politics, its to avoid pvp and against everything we stand for
    That doesn't mean we won't call in friends if needed, but we will for sure never be part of any big alliance, no matter for what reason

    Our guild is big enough to have a city once everyone got the game
    We didn't got our town up cause it would be plain retarded with the current siege system, we also had a thread concerning that issue and giving our plans

    mounted combat looks great but isn't very efficient, we should use mounts for transportation only
    also raiding their towns isn't the best idea, its a lot of fun and we can kill dozens but there is no way to win the fight
    we have to find their farming locations and hit them whenever we can... so if you have time tomorrow do some scouting

    we also need some siege weapons, is one of our weaponsmiths at 75 already? stonedog, took alchemy yet?
    we should get their banks down during our primetime on a regular basis, and soon so they don't get towers up