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  • Hello everyone.. I am sure most of you will recognize me. I am NL of House Atreides, from Damnation. So if you see Mentat in game, yes it will be me; Fedaykin,Mentat,your old enemy(:P) or as whatever I remind you.

    I decided to try and play Shadowbane again. So far it seems i am still excited about the game. Right now it is me and Marlon who started to play but If we like the game, I think 5-6 more guys will start to play too.. I have some plans in mind but I am not sure if I am gonna run them. I will give it a try for a few weeks.

    Beliar and my old friend Padishah offered their helps atm and I am appreciated. I wanted to introduce myself and thank Beliar as well as SD crew.
    I hope we will have fun together as we had in old days. :)
    Cya in game!


    Rise Against - Test/Malog

    old big times:
    Mentat/Fedaykin - House Atreides - Damnation NL

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  • omg uber dorfy dorf king of all dorfy dorves is back!!!!!!!
    Nice to c u there mate hope u will have fun :)

    PS: get the grandarmor freaks back too plz i miss them :love:!!!

    PPS: I was Oll'Batar in HoA's sub during ure time :)

  • m8, it is truly good to have you back in game.

    For those you with only a year or so in game, let me tell you what great players Mentat and marlon were and will certainly be again. They built House of Atreides up on damnation from scratch. After about 4 months, I joined them straight off noob island. About 4 months later, I joined the IC team. Unfortunately, 3 months after I joined IC team, HoA capital was destroyed by the chineese by using an exploit. ABout a month or so later, Mentat and Marlon had some RL stuff come up and they left the game. Mentat turned over lead to me and we eventually rebuilt HoA. HoA lead the "def alliance" against SD hordes and we had many a great battle at both HoA cities and elsewhere on the server.

    Of course, now I am proud to help belair and other leaders as one of the leadership team of the mighty SD hordes :)

    So to mentat, marlon, and other HoA folks, welcome back!

    "I will accept the rules that you feel necessary to your freedom.
    I am free, no matter what rules surround me. If I find them tolerable, I tolerate them; if I find them too obnoxious, I break them.
    I am free because I know that I alone am morally responsible for everything I do."

    - Heinlein

  • hehe, unfortunately I cant reroll my uber dorfy.
    Grandarmorers are playing WoW and they seem to be happy.

  • Nice to see so many familiar names from damnation both in SD and other nations in vindication. I hope we can have the same fun like we had in damnation. My ingame name is Fergun, rolling a hitomi template xbow to start hangin around. Cya all ingame ^^

  • I must confess that Padishah is the only reason I was here, but I felt we are welcome to nation right after we joined. I dont think we deserve to be disregarded even if we lead a problem in nation or guild. I am not bragging here but I and Marlon should have very good reputation with all means, on main SD guild.

    Most of HoA/SL/SD members know me; I know I put my nose to everywhere, I will take responsibility, I will try to argue and improve anything around me, I will jump on your arguments, I will give advices and take them. I am not good at being a soldier. That is my charecteristic. Even in real life thats how I am. If anyone got a problem with that he/she should state it so that I know and I try to do sthng about it. Because if I dont know, unpleasant things may happen and there is no roll back in real life; memories remain.

    This week showed me I am still excited with SB. I wish more people were playing SB with more stable and crowded servers but that isnt the case atm. Game is abit old and doesnt attract new players, especially when wow is out there with those graphics. I think, I will hang around for long although my RL is abit messy.


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