Guild Wars 2 - Server - Recruitment - Mumble

  • We decided to start our Guild Wars 2 journey on Seafarer's Rest. Major reason to roll there is the huge amount of good WvWvW-Guilds on that server. Looking forward to have some awesome sieges again.

    We're still recruiting for both, Guild Wars 2 and PlanetSide 2 - if you're interested write an application at our forums.
    Any old SB or DF members interested in teaming up with us are welcome to join SD again.

    We also got a new mumble server - install the client and get yourself registered there.

  • So looking forward to playing with everyone and meeting some of the guild. The beta's and stress tests have been a blast and it is not even optimized fully yet.

  • The last reply was more than 365 days ago, this thread is most likely obsolete.

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