SD returns to action for Planetside 2 and Guild Wars 2

  • That's right we're back !

    There's been something in the air for a while with the impending release of both Guild wars 2 and Planetside 2 , the unmistakable aroma of cheese can mean only one thing ....

    Those horrible Euros are coming to take your stuff again .

    We're inviting any of our old friends from previous games to come join the fun with us , there will also be a limited recruitment opening soon for a few lucky new recruits .

  • this is the only game !!!!

    read this

    Greetings Darkfallers!

    Today we are happy to officially announce Darkfall: Unholy Wars!

    Athens, Greece – September 18th, 2012 – Prepare yourself and your allies. We at Aventurine are proud and excited to announce the release of Darkfall Unholy Wars! Unholy Wars delivers the fast paced, full loot player vs. player action, and the brutal, persistent clan warfare we are famous for, to a new legion of highly skilled gamers.

    Countless centuries have passed and the brutal, fantasy world of Agon has changed; the war-torn races face their grimmest hour yet. Trapped for countless centuries between the hateful wrath of a long forgotten power and the dark machinations of the Demon Lords, Agon stands on the brink of devastation. The time for the mortals to reclaim their own is at hand. Now must they carve their names in legend, demand dominion, and declare Unholy War!

    An MMO like no other, Darkfall Unholy Wars relies as much on your skill as on the choices you make. An all new user interface, built for lightning fast combat, and unique amongst MMOs, connects you to magic or melee like never before. There is no tab-targeting -battles happen in real-time- blade and spell-fests where dice-rolls are replaced by your own cunning and guile. From heroes and warlords who have mastered many of Agon’s combat schools to the opportunistic mercenary specialists, selling their sword or spell to the clans for a handful of gold or the thrill of a kill, all can be equally deadly in Agon – if they have the skill.

    With clan warfare at the heart of every design decision, Unholy Wars calls you to build towering bases of power, conquer rival clan cities, engage in epic land and naval battles and seize control over holdings and territories as you forge your empire. Our role and school system brings tactics and teamwork to epic clan warfare like never before, allowing you to choose between the flexibility of multiple specializations or the focus of just one. Become the sharpest skirmisher in your clan, unbeatable with bow and shadow, or train a number of roles, wielding steel and plate knee deep in battlefield blood one day, then scorching your enemies with elemental magecraft from the walls of your clan city the next.

    The re-forged world of Agon comes alive with new dynamic lighting and epic scores from a haunting soundtrack. A stunning animation system and environmental audio immerse you in the visceral combat or nail-biting exploration of an unforgiving world.

    Zad Mehdawi, CEO of Aventurine stated: “We’re very proud of what we have accomplished in just two years of development. We want to consistently deliver the ultimate MMO experience to our players, and to outdo ourselves, we had to rethink Darkfall to create Darkfall Unholy Wars. We hope the players will be as excited as we are with the result.”

    Tasos Flambouras, General Manager of Aventurine, commented, “Using our experience, player feedback, and lessons learned from Darkfall Online, we made Unholy Wars for the people who love the original Darkfall, but also for those who were hesitant to try it, even for those who loved the concept but not the game itself.”

    With two months to go, there is just enough time for you to hone your mindset, forge your alliances and prepare to fuel your adrenalin with Darkfall Unholy Wars!

    Darkfall: Unholy Wars will be available for PC, via digital download, on November 20, 2012. Visit the official site ( for more information. You can also follow us in Facebook ( and Twitter (

    So, check our new Facebook page:

    Our YouTube channel:

    Our Twitter:

    ...and of course the screens, the fan site kit and everything else.


  • Societas Deamonica was I dare say one of the major supporters of Darkfall Online and that our players and the players from our few but capable allies went a long way towards shaping what Darkfall unholy war's is going to be . However we stuck with Darkfall for a long time I'm unsure our community wants to spend there hard earned money to see if you finally listened . The proof is in the pudding I guess , We'll leave it in adventurines hands to provide our old darkfall players a free sample .

    Thanks for posting .

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