SD will play SB on SB Emu server

  • Whats up people?

    Dominus told me (long time ago, forgot to post it here) that SD did not receive my post. As I mentioned not participating DF beta anymore due to RL being busy enough, and wouldn't have enough time to dedicate to clan playing. Oh well, if I'm allowed to renew my trial in Shadowbane, as I plan on playing it, I'd be glad.

  • rejected Application - Nehemia There's my old application.

    Yeah, I played SB for some time solo / with friends (mostly irekei assassin / Vampire thief toons) and with Order of the Blade (used their Sentinel toon). Then sometime with C.L.A.W (mostly sticked around with Reckin Crew). But I ain't "pro" in the game, mediocre or above, but hey, I'm a fast learner. And just give me a toon to build (I'm guessing you're way better at building them than I am) and I'll make it, and follow the orders.

    Have you guys checked MO out yet?

    P.S Any HON game's during "free time"?

    Edit: Fixed, Sentinel toon.

  • Some of us play HoN quite often (if you're talking bout the dota clone~), eld and me play pretty much every day, Darkwish and Nos Len started playing too
    Add Batarjal there, I'll give you some other names to add ingame

    Slack is playing MO I think, all others that tried it hate it :p
    We're just waiting for SB to be back right now

  • Made a friend request with nickname: Novice.

    Currently, my headset is broken (A mate is fixing it), but I should be able to get it soon.

    Also, game time will improve once I've got my new lap top (supah power) and get it to my real appartment. This comp is at 2nd.

  • I will be there when it's out for good. Cheers.

    You have to realize that someday you will die. Until you know that, you are useless.

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  • To be honest, I went a bit ragemode and called him a nazi in one of those political threads that we all know who vs who it is. No need to go back to that :P We know our differences.

    Ima quote Padi (Beli asked him to tell him to consider to come back) on the leader forums and this is the only thing Ima quote (the rest is drama, I know, the good stuff :P)

    "got a reply back and I don't know if he is gone for good or not, and I did mention the game factor heavily. I think he is more disappointed at the immediate frontal assault from folks supposed to "guildies" that would not even consider an alternate point of view and presumed that anyone who disagreed with their position was pathetic."

    so that front assault is obviously what I put up there. I'm not really proud of it, to be honest. Because we really got along well in game. So then there's a political difference and I call him a nazi. I fucked up in a way, obviously our ideas are different, but we had a bond in a way. We really had nice times in game and on the forums :/

    He's not coming back, some of the IC tried to get him back, of course no one told him "don't come back bitch". He decided to just leave for good as you can see on Padi's post. Padi asked a second time too.

    I think I kept this neutral :P Really, not trying to start shit on here.

    Maarvy says:
    Planetside is gonna own, i dont have to pl you for the 1 hr you decide to play

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