New game on the horizon?

  • Hello ladies & gentlemen!
    Just dropping in to inquire about a certain game, I've been on the mail list for Mortal Online for quite a while now, never really bothered to read the emails other then the headlines. When I opened yesterdays mail I noticed something weird. There was a topic about their release date! Apparantly it was supposed to be released Q4 of 2009. (also something about it being pushed back a month)
    So, on to my question. Does SD have any plans on playing it? Maybe you're already doing it? (NDA is apparently lifted)

    kind regards / Alseca

  • As far as I know nobody in SD is playing it atm, guess people lost interest when it said realease this summer and then nothing happened.

    You should be a member again since you're in our HoN guild!


    Chofo säger (18:29)
    it's the AoA guy, no bro? h aha
    is it aoa our super sucky guild with american women?

  • Apparently you get into beta if you pre order, since I dont have much to do this winter I threw in my money!
    I'll get back to this topic with a report, just have to download the 4gb patch x_0.

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