Still interested in DF on EU1?

  • Eya guys,

    Just a quick question. Since you guys are the only non NA'ers i know on the NA server.

    Hows the ping there, how's archery with that ping and how much fun is the NA server?

    I already talked to tyki mikk who gave me a shitload of info but just wanted to hear from you guys

    EU-1 is a bit boring atm. The only thing im afraid of is that i cant do archery anymore with the 150-160 ping im going to get.

    TenLoves Akatsuki,

    SG of House of Errants

  • I was playing with 140 ping on EU-1 back in the day and archery was fine, atm im getting 220-300 at NA-1 with avg of 250 and archery is really hard so i dont bother and stick to my magic :)

    Server is really fun at NA primetime sea tower fights and sieges are quite big these days when they happen :)

  • I gave Darkfall a chance this time, and I am really enjoying it. I sent to hell the "omg I must hurry and be a pro" attitude (not saying this is a wrong attitude, just not for me, some of you act like that and are obviously more than successful at it, perhaps it's the lack of time sometimes, I don't know), and just adventured into the game. I still haven't done a lot of stuff, but will keep you updated and such. Like you all know, the mindless grinding is gone, and I am enjoying very much the game overall.

    Fights look just awesome. The game looks like a lot of fun, both, from the floor after being killed and the fights are still going, or on Zonack's screen, whether they are on a hugeass ship, land or siege.

    I think this game is super good and the place to be for PvP :)

    Maarvy says:
    Planetside is gonna own, i dont have to pl you for the 1 hr you decide to play

  • Oh, and I love you Beli, you made my start a lot easier :D

    I raised 2h sword and some mastery back at EU1, and Beliar raised many defensive shit while macroing with me :love:
    Right now focusing on archery. The other day I went alone to a camp, with some bone armor and my bow and arrows and went up like 15 points.

    Maarvy says:
    Planetside is gonna own, i dont have to pl you for the 1 hr you decide to play

  • Kind of like Qui, he afk-bashed his character into a god and then stopped playing, leaving us with a small taste of what our characters would be like weeks( maybe even months) later when our skills reached his levels.

  • hey friends,
    still playing DF ? maybe i try it again (if i get this time an account) hehehehe ....

    i start today the STO beta if it sucks i buy DF so is there still something going on ? i read something about EU server :D are there enough players ? or is it empty ? :D

  • Hey m8, atm most of the SD guys play on the NA server with VAMP, so SD don't have a presence on the EU server. Possibly if things change (and if the devs are to be believed then they might just change for the better!) then SD might return on EU, but thats a big MIGHT!

    Let us know how STO is, what i've seen doesn't look that great tbh.

  • Everything I read so far about STO is rather bad. Totally instanced and themepark game. Even space is bunch of instances.

    Tried EVE lately but I couldn't play more than 2 days. I think I played it too much :P

    Anyway I'm totally bored but still have a lot of work. After that I might try DF. MO stress test is close but this game will also fail. Expect increased sub numbers in DF soon :P

  • I asked about it first in pm :P
    I'm not paying anything and at least someone is getting bonus ;)

    yeah kossako had this nice idea
    and its true u pay allways the same but if u use the promotion link
    u can help a clanmate who allready is part of the comiunity promotion programm

    i can see darkwish now starting to get half istambul buy the game with his promotion link

    tell em its a jihad against the greek u will sure get some followers ;)

    greek is still the only country where the game is sold in a boxed version afaik

    so there far more greeks in game than statistical of the rest of europe

  • Bought it I been playing for couple of days. Game is improved (last time I played in closed beta). My god, they raised skill gains a lot. I don't macro and won't be doing it but now I feel I can get my toon developed even when playing more casual. Feeling kinda nooby and been ganked by some high levels but I'm OK with that (EVE online player :P)

    See you in game,
    Kossako XiX

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