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  • with this game a part of me will always feel empty now that it is going to be no more :/ so many people ive met along the way. was good to play with all of you. hope i get to see you guys in another realm at some point .

    " as a tear makes its way down his wrinkled war torn face, slack lays down his axe and dissapears into the mist of a blood soaked field. No more will the horns of war bellow in the world of Vorringia. "

  • Well having played SB for more than 3 years and having beta tested or played other mmorpgs since, I can tell you that SB originality and fun has yet not be equaled. I really hope they are working on a second edition of the game or that another game comes out soon :) I will miss SB as it was my first mmorpg!

  • SB with new graphics+mounts+minor problems solved+purely asian servers = perfect. Ok,perhaps some new fluff and different variety of calsses since the old ones got way boring over the years.^^ So basically a totally now code with the old PvP/lvl/siege systems.^^

  • That's exactly it...PvP/Lvl/Siege systems after all the tweaks were done are absolutely the way any PvP game should be run. I truly wish that "Shadowbane 2 - Return to the Hunt" (yeah, my working title sucks I know lol) would be in our future but I truly don't believe we will ever see another game like Shadowbane.

    Boy, May 1 is going to be a tough day for a lot of folks. :(

  • Anyone got a clue about how far along SBGs new MMO is?

    I doubt it will equal SB since most the people who originally made it have left the company I believe.


    Chofo säger (18:29)
    it's the AoA guy, no bro? h aha
    is it aoa our super sucky guild with american women?

  • I don't think they've made any kind of announcements other than to release vague details like "We're working on a new game...and no, it's not SB2."

    I have seen a few references to "GuerillaBane" on the SBG site and I do know that it's to be a futuristic setting so could be that it's some kind of "End of the Worlds" war game. But that's just speculation on my part.

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