Fight at Infamous Hamlet

  • Hey mates, twas a very good fight and im glad i had the chance to see some old enemies and friends from Damnation... the ADS crew Iznogood , NErd etc (by the way what happened to Air? was he a HOE spy after all?) and some enemies from SD and Graue Horde...

    Anyways i would much appreciate a fraps or screenshot esp if u got some footage when i was stuck back alone against your full force prior to your attack on the Infamous when we just chased one of your scouts...

    See you on the battlefield


    Lord Valkyrior
    Bad Boys for Life

  • Aye. It was good fun :) Thanks for the fight.

    I think someone frapsed at least most of it, but I am not sure who. I am sure they will see this thread.

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