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  • Additional comment on the following quote made earlier in this thread.


    Fighting against overwhelming odds is one thing, but there are 6 things that determines the outcome of a battle

    For those serious about warfare, I'd strongly recommend going to this site and read The Art of War translation(of the original document). Some of it is a bit dated and should be more generalized for modern meaning.

    (Arrow at the bottom of each page for navigation.)

    The principles have been the heart of successful warfare for centuries. And it is simple stuff. For example:

    I strongly believe we can do quite well, "un-allied" if we prepare for, and fight smart.


  • To add to this, we should move around every three or four days. Find alternate NPC cities to be able to work from. Word will soon spread that we've come to Janhalek and with the numbers we're facing...and the plans we have for them...DUSK will eventually send people to grief us as we grief them.

    We might also want to consider binding to a stone somewhere other than inside Janhalek when we make our move to start destroying some DUSK buildings.

  • I talked quite a lot with the Mercenaries leader, but damn, he is such a fucking retard. I have never seen a single person crying and complaining so much about nothing. I'm getting hundreds of tells when anyone of us even gets close to their town. It would really hurt me to ally with them.
    We made a non asset destruction agreement with them for now, so they probably won't show up against us on DUSK banes.
    But I doubt that any agreement with them is worth much.

    We agreed with WMD not to attack each others around that NPC town, but they broke it several times attacking our farmers... I don't see how it can work out with them.
    I have no idea about Exile, do they belong to Mercenaries?

  • I just want to say that I really really appreciate that you tell us something about what's being done in the political/diplomatic arena and some thoughts about the next steps/thoughts and plans - it really helps a lot to have some information about that too, and the game is much more interesting that way.

    I don't think we'd want to ally with retards, but trying not to make more enemies at the moment is probably almost as good as getting allies imo. I'm not sure if DUSK as a whole really wants to be at war with us either, if so, I bet they wouldve done more to grief us, it's been quite silent after they got our bank, not counting a few persistant individuals. They might be afraid that if they annoy us too much, that we will annoy them even more, and leave them alone to build their cities.

    I was in sturmgrenadiers city yesterday, and it was quite impressive. Walls, buildings, npc traders, crafting options etc etc. They had at least 10 ppl joining in killing me. There might have been many more there, but I don't know. The trouble is however, if we try to seriously destroy several of their assets, will they be more determined to take our city and destroy us, or will they concede and want a peace + non-asset-destruction pact?

  • We can't do shit with 15-20 active players.
    We need at least twice that number on a regular basis if we want to be a little competitive.

    I really miss those days when 10 of us could easily take down 15 or 20 guyz.

    But DFO is a totally different game, with totally different mechanics, and I don't even know if it will ever be possible for a few skilled player to fight much larger numbers.

    Having no real healing power, and no real specs doesn't live much room for strategy. Only tactics.

    In short :
    We need allies until more SDs manage to buy the game. That would enable us to -maybe- start building our effing city, and thus have a real common goal different from personal skill grinding.

    One last thing, I love our RPK blue dot policy, but it might be time to reconsider it, until we get stronger.

    My two cts

  • tbh, allies won't help us to build our town with the current siege system. We'd need NA allies that are highly active and close to us to defend our town and the only ones that are qualified for that are DUSK.
    So the only way to get that done atm would be finding a decent NA ally and acquiring a town close to him.

  • So... peace treaty with DUSK until we get that strong US ally ?
    Dunno if it's even possible.

    They want to get rid of us as fast as possible. But most likely they are also afraid that we have nothing to loose. We are not building up city and we already said we are staying no matter what. They know that they won't have whole island as safe zone and that we are euro guild able to attack them during our prime time. We could make non siege agreement but this is only matter of time when they will attack us (or we will backsab them:P). Also keep in mind that not all their members are in game.

    Also if they have around 50% of members ingame as we have right now then their numbers will double as ours. It's only +50 on our side and +200 on their side...


    Also who said we need a city right now? City is needed for banking, safer crafting, building ships and siege machines. We can live in some other clan city, use their stuff bind to nearby chaos stone and in favour defend them from zerg alliances.

  • I hope no one here dreams of still having the town UP next week if we consider going on an Non-Aggression Pact ?? Guys, wake up, we are an annoyance to them : as soon as their city is set, they will destroy our clanstone for sure.

    So, the only way to keep our city is to find 20 more members or allies and raid them every day/night, farm their farmer and destroy NOW the buildings they built. My bet is that it will soon be too late, because of thir number.

    Anyway, every other option will make us loose our Stone sooner or later (except maybe bending and taking a deep breath ;) )

  • In my opinion a non aggression pact with DUSK is silly, and they wont do it anyway. Alliance with Mercenaries/Exilium and maybe Exile would be a great idea. Guerrilla style is cool and all, but I would think we want to keep our city and actually build a presence at Rubyiat, and in that case we need allies. I posted a few words on this on the allies and enemies thread as well.

    About the leader of Mercenaries being a retard... that is something we have to deal with playing MMOs, and especially Darkfall. The retard ratio in this game is amazing. Im pretty sure their leader is just trying to play hardball as well.. try to show that they are strong and wont take shit from anyone. It was probably him that said "you picked the wrong fucking city" in public when we managed to launch a mana missile into their city on the hit and run raid.

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