Attacking us?? [DFO]

  • Finishing project for work and will be online as soon as I get game. Can't wait also ;p

    Anyway Yomm, I suggest you should shorten leashes for some of your alliance members (ex. blade) because after their posts you look even more silly than from fact you are attacking us with 10x more people and stating after one battle you are awesome.

  • Blade, once again, we have told you before, that we are sure you are a good pvp'er in 1v1 etc etc and you are a really hardcore gamer but your attitude as displayed in this thread is shocking.

    Let it go, why do you feel the need to come back in here and slate everyone?

  • Lol, I didnt think that thread could get any better, but you proved me wrong.^^ This thread could just get as good as the "Beat" guys one or what his name was. This should give a few nice quotes for the future.^^

    haha, totally agree bro, this already has super quotes:

    "Numbers don't matter, all that matters is that you die."

    "Don't confuse the word 'zerg' with 'lots of players'."

    ftw :love:

    Need to get a goddarn copy on Monday!

    Maarvy says:
    Planetside is gonna own, i dont have to pl you for the 1 hr you decide to play

  • Whoa I don't know but I think you are taking this way to serious.
    Take it easy dude.
    We rejected the Alliance and you get all pissed, so pretty much we HAD to accept it to keep you happy? lol
    Yeah probably you will wipe our city and all of us, probably you will keep wiping our cities.

    We will still be there!


  • Let them underestimate us, it only brings their downfall.

    One thing i have from my short time here with SD is that i am glad i came here and not somewhere else, for you Blade these guys have the attitude and the spirit i was looking for, i know i made the right choice...what have you got?

  • The only difference is their little pride.

    They try to build the biggest alliance because they are afraid to PvP. Afraid to fight on even terms. They hide behind numbers so no-one will dare to attack them.
    This is what i think when i hear about dusk.

    Yomm, if i read carefuly the entire thread (and i think i did) no one has ever been really rude, or immature toward you. You are just taking things too seriously while your members are making fools of themselves. And we laugh at fools.

    You are a zerg, an organised one that make it even worse, but still a zerg.

    On a personal note, i do not understand what you are trying to achieve here. Do you really enjoy running that much for 30min before you can find a single guy that isn't an ally? What is the point of even having a city if all your guys will just bind somewhere else since they won't have anything to do beside farming?

    Just because we aren't friend to anyone doesn't necessary mean we are an annoyance. I remember that many adversary considered us worthy opponent. We bring the fun and the PvP. If bringing fun PvP in small groups is an "annoyance" on a PvP game, then maybe you are the one who shouldn't be here.

  • Guys, just remeber - 13 year olds are easily offended.... most of those guilds are not "mature" in the SD sense... they don't even know the definaition of zerg, even tho he used it in his post.

    Once we get more than 25% of SD in the game, things will quickly change.

    "I will accept the rules that you feel necessary to your freedom.
    I am free, no matter what rules surround me. If I find them tolerable, I tolerate them; if I find them too obnoxious, I break them.
    I am free because I know that I alone am morally responsible for everything I do."

    - Heinlein

  • I'm glad we will have a warm-up on ruby before the main event :love:

    thats the idea of not beeing allied with any neighbour

    but world is not black/white

    there is a lot grey

    grey in matter of not beeing allied/war could be

    enemies u kill on sight so your people learn to play carefull in groups and watch each others ass

    thats the "default" stance SD have against the world

    for some that seems to be unknown stance

    and they go a little more "black" way that include building destruktion

    they should get what they asking for

    whatever kind of grey/black u choose as long its not white it make sure

    there will be fun on our island 8)

  • I'm glad we will have a warm-up on ruby before the main event :love:

    Even if you manage to take down our city do you really believe we will leave you guys alone? We are in this game for good you will be seeing and being killed and messed up by us a lot more in the future trust me...

  • Lol you should have seen the Alfar noob area last night ^^ made 500g off of WoW ninja looters and guys going grey from nerdrages.

    Btw: I've just applied to SD, but as to the mass Alfar Alliance - the idea sux balls - someone had a point earlier on about thier being a lack of anyone worthy to fight short of running for 30+ minutes. Anyway Alfar by nature are meant to be somewhat divided, they are crazed chaotic elfs after all.

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